Take complete advantage of the Canon printer by setting it up from the official website ‘’ij.start.canon.’’

Apart from providing advanced and latest printing features, Canon Printers resolve your connectivity issues with Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, etc.

Set up the Hardware

The first and foremost step before using any printer is the Hardware setup. So, you must complete the process of hardware before proceeding further.

  • - Unbox the Canon printer carefully.
  • - Now, connect your printer to the power supply using the power cable.
  • - When you turn on the Canon printer, go to the control panel.
  • - Set your preferences like language, date, location, and time on the control panel.
  • - Finally, load the cartridge and paper carefully.

If you are a Mac user, then visit the official website ij.start.canon and follow the guidelines given below:

ij start canon

How to download Canon Printer Driver on Mac device?

The following guidelines will help you in downloading Canon Printer Driver on your Mac device:

  • - Securely open any web browser of your Mac device.
  • - Enter the URL ‘’ij.start.canon’’ on the address bar.
  • - The official Canon page will come up on the screen.
  • - Find and tap on the ‘’Setup’’ option given there.
  • - A search field will come up. Enter the printer model there.
  • - Then, click on the ‘’Go’’ button and after that click on the ‘’Start’’ button.
  • - Go through the on-screen instructions to prepare the printer.
  • - A ‘’download’’ link will appear on the screen.
  • - Tap on it to download the ‘’.dmg’’ file.
  • - Wait for the file to download and open the file.
  • - Further, a ‘’User Account Control’’ panel will appear.
  • - Tap on the ‘’Yes’’ option.
  • - A ‘’Start setup’’ window will come up.
  • - You may now proceed with the installation.
canon printer setup

How to Install Canon Printer Driver on Mac device?

The following guidelines will help you in installing Canon Printer Driver on your Mac device:

  • - Commence the process by tapping on the ‘’Start Setup’’ option.
  • - A small window will appear with the ‘’Continue’’ option. Hit on it.
  • - Now, click on the ‘’Next’’ option.
  • - Now, an option will appear to select the country or region.
  • - After choosing that, proceed to tap on the ‘’Next’’ button.
  • - Now, a ‘’License Agreement’’ window will open on the screen.
  • - Go through the details and tap on the ‘’Yes’’ option.
  • - Further, click on the ‘’Agree’’ button.
  • - The Driver will start checking the status of the printer.
  • - Then, select the ‘’Select Connection method.’’
  • - Three options will appear on the window - ‘’Wi-Fi Connection,’’ ‘’Wired LAN Connection’’ and ‘’USB Connection.’’
  • - Select the connection according to your preference.

You may install the Canon Printer Drivers using the following different methods:

Wi-Fi Connection

If you tap on the ‘’Wi-Fi Connection’’ option, then the following steps will be of use to you:

  • - After going for the ‘’Wi-Fi Connection’’ click on the ‘’Next’’ option and make sure your printer is turned on.
  • - Again tap on the ‘’Next’’ option to start detecting the printer.
  • - Once the name of the printer appears on the screen, select the printer and click on the ‘’Next’’ button.
  • - An on-screen instruction will come up. Follow the prompt to proceed.
  • - Remember there will be an ‘’Alternative method’’ option present for you.
  • - If you fail to set up the canon printer device by this method, you can use the other methods discussed below.

Wired LAN Connection (Ethernet Cable)

After selecting the Wired LAN Connection option, follow the guide given below:

  • - Start the process by tapping the ‘’Next’’ option.
  • - Also, make sure that the printer is plugged in to the power source properly.
  • - After that, tap on the ‘’Next’’ button.
  • - If the printer’s name appear on the screen then it well and good or else you can search for the connected printer by clicking the option ‘’Search for IP address.’’
  • - Once you tap on the ‘’Search for IP address’’ option, follow the on-screen instructions to move ahead.
  • - Click the ‘’Next’’ option in the subsequent window and start preparing for the connection on the printer by tapping again on the ‘’Next’’ option.
  • - Once it will detect the printer, you can select the printer and click on the ‘’Next’’ option.
  • - A ‘’Setup Guide’’ will appear on the screen.
  • - Go through the on-screen instructions to set up a printer.
  • - If you face any trouble in connecting the printer, click on the ‘’troubleshooting’’ option to resolve your query.
  • - A new window will appear with the solution to your trouble.

USB Connection (USB Cable)

For those who will be opting for USB Connection option, the following guidelines will work quite well:

  • - Begin the process by tapping on the ‘’Next’’ option immediately after clicking on the ‘’USB Connection’’ option.
  • - Wait for the driver installation procedure to start.
  • - Then, click on the ‘’Install this driver software anyway’’ option.
  • - The Canon printer driver will start installing on your device.
  • - If you are facing trouble in the installation make sure that the printer is connected properly with the system via the USB cable.
  • - Also, if you fail to connect the printer with the Mac device, you can go for the ‘’Troubleshooting’’ option.
  • - You will be directed to a new window describing the process to troubleshoot the error.